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Post Info TOPIC: Do we need to reset router everyday?

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Do we need to reset router everyday?

Hello friends,
Just like your computer needs a good reboot from time to time, so does a router. Some routers are more well built than others and don't require a reset as often, but for the most part any consumer-grade router is going to need a power cycle occasionally
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Thank You

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Assuming you have multiple boxes, though, next time your Internet cuts out, do a little troubleshooting and see if you can isolate the problem…


A) Check your WiFi connection.


Is your device still connected to your WiFi network? Can you see the SSID in the list of available networks? If you can see the network but you aren’t connected to it, your router or access point threw you off. Explicitly reconnect to the network and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, you might need to modify your wifi settings in the router or access point. Try enabling both WPA and WPA2 encryption, and try setting the radio to automatically choose a channel if it is locked to a single channel, or try changing to a different channel. If all of your devices got thrown off at once, it could be an interference problem. Also check the lease time on your DHCP server. If you have a lot of devices on the network, you could be running out of slots for new ones; try setting a shorter lease time.


Of course, if you are still connected to your SSID but can’t browse, then the WiFi is fine, but there is a problem with the underlying Internet connection. If you can’t see the SSID, then something is wrong with the WiFi radio. In that case, if your WiFi is being provided by your ISP using an external, managed router, call your ISP; it’s probably a provisioning issue with the router.


B) Check the lights on the modem.


Some of the newer modems have particularly useless indicators on them. But if yours is old enough to have indicators for US/DS and ONLINE and both are lit solid, you probably have a good Internet connection. If either is flashing, you’ve dropped sync and should probably call your ISP.


C) Restart the router, but not the modem.


Usually the router will have an indicator for the Internet side, and that should somehow indicate that it is happy (green light, white light, blinking light, whatever is “normal”). You should see a link light for the WAN port on the router and for the Ethernet port on the modem. If anything looks unusual, restart the router and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, then it’s your router that is dropping the connection.


D) Restart the modem. Once the lights are back to normal, see if the router reconnects. If it doesn’t, restart the router again.


If this step solves the problem but step C did not, then your modem is having problems. Call your ISP and they’ll figure it out. If anything else fixed the problem, then the cause isn’t your modem or your Internet connection, but something in your internal network. Your ISP might be able to help if any of the equipment is their managed gear, but if it’s your router they will probably refer you to the equipment manufacturer.


Just be aware that having to reset frequently is NOT normal. There is something wrong somewhere, but it’s helpful to check everything in a systematic way to isolate the actual source of the trouble.



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No, there is no need to reset your router every day. Resetting your router can help to resolve network issues or connectivity problems, but it should not be a daily routine. In fact, resetting your router too often can cause more harm than good. It can lead to temporary network disruptions, loss of settings and configurations, and even hardware damage in some build now gg cases.

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