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Post Info TOPIC: Steps to develop your presence effectively on LinkedIn

Steps to develop your presence effectively on LinkedIn

As we have seen, working on the profile, the contacts and the content that these profiles share with their contacts are the axes on which the activity on LinkedIn pivots.

It is a circle that closes and continues to work continuously.

It's the nirvana of LinkedIn. PROFILE + CONTACTS + CONTENT working for you. Feeding and growing with little effort (once the snowball has grown and begins to roll down)

Developing a presence on LinkedIn so that it becomes a tool with which to create those relationships that generate sales naturally is a process that we can divide into six steps .

Let's see what they are: 

1 Define your strategy

If you are not clear about the above concepts, you will not be able to make contacts or create content.

First of all, you have to take your time to work on all the aspects that I am talking about in this article.

Know where you are, mark where you want to go, and the steps and actions you plan to take to achieve those goals.

2 Develop a high impact profile

When you are clear about who you are, what you want to sell, how you help people and companies, you can complete your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is much more than your business card. You have the possibility of generating a profile that remains visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and that attracts your potential clients.

It has to be attractive. Fall in love with the visitor. Nowadays some influencer’s are using some custom fonts in their bio, and getting a good number of followers. 

3 Create a network of contacts

As we have seen, the second axis is the other people present on LinkedIn.

You will begin to relate, increase the number of contacts on the platform, but with a meaning.

4 Create a Relationship strategy with contacts

We are going to overcome that "numerous" of thinking that amassing a large number of contacts will also increase the chances of selling on LinkedIn.

It is about relating, of adding value so that the people we are interested in serving us, we are visible and recognized by them.

5 Become an authority

Create and share YOUR OPINION or YOUR CRITERIA, that is the basis.

Show that what you do helps those people with their needs; make clear the transformative power of what you offer.

Choose where and how you want to position yourself and work to achieve it.

Make them follow you, admire you. Get them to love you.

6 Systematize it and generate an action plan

For the process to happen naturally, you must create a system. A methodology that works, that allows you to repeat it n times, as many times as necessary.


Willing to develop your strategy?

As you can see, it is an exciting and laborious journey that takes time.

Positioning your brand or business in this way is possible. I demonstrate it every day with my method.

Nobody says it is easy, but I tell you that it is possible. My job consists of precisely that: to accompany brands, businesses, and companies to create, to implement this strategy. Define the how, when and where, what actions to develop and measure their achievement.

Are you clear now that you need to develop a strategy on Linkedin?

I still have one more question to tell you.

When it comes to your brand or business, that strategy will have to be directed in three parts:

  1. you need a business strategy 

  2. you need a strategy as a leader of that company for your profile and 

  3. you need a strategy for your team or the different teams of your business


Because they are the basic steps to trace the path and do it, to achieve the objectives set.

This is an important part of the reflections that I accompany the managers of the businesses in which I implement my method.

You, as a manager, are responsible for tracing the route your company will travel, deciding what and how it will be done. And, as such, you must be 100% involved.

You cannot delegate this part; neither in me, nor in anyone on your team.

It's time to roll up your sleeves, friend.

Because, you know, fame costs and you have to work every day to earn it. I promise to go hand in hand with you, but you have to commit to yourself, your business and your team.

I leave you an interesting bibliographic reference on the subject: it is about " Avoid mediocrity ", by Xavier Marcet.

" We need more strategy and less planning ." Xavier Marcet

Bonus: my strategic agenda

As you may have already seen in my profile on LinkedIn , I have just presented my Strategic Agenda,

A complete roadmap for developing a brand or business presence on LinkedIn.

All my students and members of the Territorio Social Selling Academy receive theirs. This renewed edition, still in press, will also come to you.

It is a resource that I give to my clients, as a symbol of my involvement with their projects.

With my agenda, they can start creating the steps to achieve a firm and strategic presence on LinkedIn. Sell ​​naturally, creating valuable connections.

It is a complete playbook, a working guide thanks to which they will be able to follow, implement and record the steps they take. And, in addition, they also have at their disposal countless resources to take advantage of.

If you also want to be part of this great community, I'll be waiting for you on LinkedIn Territory



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