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Post Info TOPIC: What is the importance of insuring domestic workers against escape?


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What is the importance of insuring domestic workers against escape?

Domestic workers have become an important part of the lives of many families, providing assistance with household chores and caring for children and the elderly.

However, employers may face a major challenge in the form of domestic workers running away, which causes them significant financial and moral losses.

Therefore, domestic worker escape insurance comes as an effective solution to ensure the rights of employers and compensate them for the losses they may incur in the event of a worker running away.

What is the importance of domestic worker escape insurance?

Domestic worker escape insurance provides significant benefits to employers, including:

Compensation for the cost of recruiting a new worker: The insurance covers the costs of recruiting a new worker, including visa fees, travel tickets, and the cost of medical examinations.

Advanced salary compensation: If the worker runs away after receiving an advance salary, the insurance covers this amount.

Advertising costs compensation: The insurance contributes to covering the costs of publishing advertisements to search for a new worker.

Civil liability protection: If the worker's escape causes any damage to any other person or his property, the insurance covers the costs of compensation.

Peace of mind: Insurance provides employers with peace of mind by ensuring that they are compensated for financial losses in the event of a worker’s escape.

What are the conditions for domestic worker escape insurance?

Theconditions for domestic worker escape insurance vary from one insurance company to another, but in general, the basic conditions include:

The worker must have a valid work visa.

The worker must have completed a specific probationary period.

The employer must provide documents proving the worker’s escape, such as a police report.

The worker’s escape must not be the result of abuse by the employer.

What is the cost of domestic worker escape insurance?

The cost of domestic worker escape insurance varies according to several factors, including:

The worker’s nationality: Insurance prices vary according to the worker’s nationality, as they are usually higher for workers from countries with high escape rates.

The worker’s profession: Insurance prices may vary according to the worker’s profession, for example, they are higher for workers who perform hazardous work.

Duration of insurance: The cost of insurance increases the longer the insurance policy is valid.

Scope of coverage: The wider the scope of insurance coverage, such as covering specific escape cases, the higher the insurance cost.

Tips for choosing the best domestic worker escape insurance policy:

Compare different insurance companies: Get quotes from several insurance companies before making your decision.

Read the insurance terms carefully: Make sure you understand all the insurance terms, including coverage exclusions and settlement processes.

Choose a reputable insurance company: Make sure the insurance company you choose has a good reputation in the market and has good financial capacity.

Make sure the insurance policy covers your needs: Make sure the insurance policy covers the types of escape you may experience, such as the worker escaping after receiving a previous salary or escaping due to abuse.

Translated From  اسعار العمالة المنزلية ضد الهروب 

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